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This morning, we headed over to the Chang Mai local food market to meet with a culinary specialist from the Patawan Cooking [] school in Chang Mai. The culinary specialist personally escorted us through the market to taste test various products in the market, and to shop for our private cooking class later in the day at the Patawan Cooking school.
When we visit a city, we always try to go to the local market to try to immerse ourselves in the colors, the tastes and the flavor of local life. Chang Mai’s market was so vibrant, with merchants carrying everything from local Thai Sausage [we tried this, it was fabulous], every ingredient you could possibly need to produce curry paste, beautiful and colorful produce, and live frogs [there is an assigned ‘killer’ for those customers who can’t stand to do it themselves]. Once we sampled some of the local food, we drove over to the xxx cooking school for our private lesson.
The cooking school is a private Thai open concept home on stilts that has been transformed into a beautiful cooking school. With only 12 stations, with four burners at each set, the cooking school is more intimate and the chefs and staff can provide more attention to the individual student relative to some of the larger cooking schools in Chang Mai. There are lovely gardens that surround the cooking school, making the space even more appealing. The staff is fabulous. We had a private chef working with just the two of us as well as the entire staff taking care of our every need. When you enter, they give you fresh lemon tea and cool towels to relax you as they take you through the menus and what you will be learning how to cook today.
At the school, the menu changes each day. Today, we learned how to create Thai fresh rolls, Pork Fried Rice, Ruby Fish With a Plum Sauce and Thai Tom Yum Soup With Shrimp. The chef demonstrates the cooking techniques for each menu item and then we had the chance to make the dish on our own under the chef’s supervision. When you are finished with all of the dishes, you get to enjoy your creations as your lunch. The market visit and the cooking school were a blast! We had so much fun and it tasted great. We also graduated [LOL]. They gave us a certificate of achievement from the school. Such a cute gesture. They also gave us copies of the recipes for all of the dishes that we made today. I would highly recommend this experience. For us, it was more important to go to xxx cooking school in a smaller and more intimate space, given the staff attention that we received. After we were finished with the class, we were off to the airport to catch our flight to Luang Prabang in Laos. More on that tomorrow! Until then, have a great night! FK

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