Why the Name Smashingly Events?

//Why the Name Smashingly Events?

Definition: smashingly
1. impressive or wonderful: extraordinarily fine

The Party Went Smashingly.

I have always loved words with beautiful sounds. Isn’t Smashingly one of those words that you can imagine Sir Winston Churchill saying in his proper British accent? Smashingly has several connotations and all of them were positive for me. There is nothing better than a brand name that has positive meaning like “impressive” or “wonderful” when you are talking about event planning. It’s catchy and it has a positive meaning.

As we embark on this next chapter of our lives, and follow our love of planning social and professional events, we wanted a name that expresses our passion. I love the name Smashingly because it kind of rolls off your tongue and is as fun as it is expressive.

When asked this question, “How did your event go?” – We want everyone to say, “It went SMASHINGLY of course!”

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